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About Us

bri•gade -- a group of individuals organized for a particular purpose: e.g., a fire brigade; a rescue brigade.

Anyone who has owned a Bichon Frise can attest to the amazing joy they give to their human and canine companions. They seem to have one sole purpose in life: to love and be loved by all. To know a Bichon is to love a Bichon … it’s just that simple.

Bichon Rescue Brigade (BRB) is an all-volunteer group whose mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, and place Bichon Frise and Bichon Frise mixed dogs into responsible and caring homes – as well as providing a resource for public education on the breed and responsible dog ownership.

Tyler now BuddyTestimonial:  "Buddy has been nothing but an absolute joy to us...His "Big Personality" has been an immediate hit not only with everyone in our family but also every friend and acquaintance who's had the chance to cuddle with him.  Our hats are off to Bichon Rescue Brigade for all their hard work in rescuing abandoned dogs like Buddy.  Your efforts pay big dividends not only for the animals you save but the families who are fortunate enough to give them a chance at a decent life."   -- Michael and Donna B., Villa Park, CA

BRB advocates for Bichon Frises and their friends who have been lost or abandoned, or whose owners could no longer care for them. We vaccinate and spay/neuter our rescues before placing them into foster homes, where they receive the love and attention they need to overcome change and to show us their true personality. Each dog’s overall health and activity level is evaluated, as it is important that we place healthy dogs into happy homes. We strive to match each dog with its “forever” home, based on the mutual needs of each dog and it prospective adopter. Adopters must complete an Adoption Application and pass a Home Safety Check as a pre-requisite to adopting our dogs.

Bichon Rescue Brigade strives to educate our community about Bichon Frises, who are indoor companion animals -- not dogs to be left in the yard. We stress the importance of proper socialization, the need for training for a dog of any age, and the activity requirements and regular grooming routine required by this special breed.

We participate in animal rescue fairs and events, and work to educate our communities about the importance of spaying/neutering and its impact toward controlling canine over-population

Bichon Rescue Brigade is an all-volunteer non-profit organization under IRS section 501(c)(3) and relies solely on donations to care for the dogs we rescue.  Donations made to BRB are tax-deductible. (Please consult your tax advisor.) Donations are greatly appreciated, and no amount is too large or too small.

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